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Welcome To Lincon General Contractor Corp.


Using our heavily evolved and adapted process, us here at Seattle Paint Experts get siding and trim work done both quickly and efficiently. Our process begins with the clearing of any clutter, debris, and dirt before a thorough sanding to ensure all surfaces are smooth and free of flaws. If any small holes, dents, or missing pieces of wood are present, we fill them with a putty to even out the surface and cover these small problem areas with a small portion of primer. If these problem areas prove to be too large, more drastic measures may need to be taken to make a suitable foundation. Once this has been done, all edges where trim and siding meet are caulked to protect from harmful weather conditions, and the whole area is covered with a layer of primer. This is where our preparation work comes to a close, and we break out the brushes and rollers to apply the standard two coats of paint to finish the job.

Is your home or business building poorly supported, and would benefit from expert siding services? Or is the paint covering your home beginning to peel, falling off in grotesque chunks and flakes that embarrass you when you have guests over?




Whether you’re a main contractor or proud home owner, we at Lincon General Contractor Corp. look to bring you the best labor efforts around that will provide increased strength and protection to your building. We can provide new construction services as well as remodeling work to already-existing buildings, working inside (internally) and outside (externally) all structures that need expert siding services done.

Lincon G.C.Corp.

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